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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I stay with my child on the first day of class?

A. If your dancer is in Fine Arts Club, Expressive Movement or Combo classes, and this is their first year of dance class, you are absolutely welcomed to stay for the first class. However, it is not required and after that first class, we highly encourage letting your dancer come to class independently. Parents are welcomed to wait in our spacious lobby area while their kiddos are in class.


Q. How long is the dance season?

A. Our dance season runs from Tuesday, September 6th through the first weekend of June. Our Annual Spring Dance Recital will be held on June 3rd and 4th. We follow the same break schedule as Marysville School District as far as thanksgiving, winter and spring breaks.


Q. What does my child need to wear?

A. All female students are required to wear a leotard and tights (any color or style) to every class. Dance shorts and leggings are the only approved coverup. All male students are required to wear gym shorts or active wear pants. Be sure they aren't too long or baggy as we don't want students tripping. All dancers will need the appropriate style shoe for the correlating class. To view our complete dress code, including a breakdown of shoes, please click here.


Q. Where can I purchase dance shoes and attire?

A. At The Academy, we try to make it as easy and affordable for families as possible. We have a shoe/attire exchange program here at the studio that we highly recommend checking out before purchasing anything! These donated items are used apparel that dancers have either grown out of or have no use for anymore. If you are unable to find something here, we can order shoes for you through the studio or you can go to Opening Night, located at 6371 Sawmill Rd, Dublin, OH 43017.


Q. Do I need the correct shoes by the first day of class or if I’m trialling a class?

A. No! We absolutely do not expect anyone to buy a new pair of shoes right away, especially if a dancer is trying out a class for the first time.


Q. How do I stay up to date?

A. Monday Minutes! Every Monday Ms. Ashley emails a short video (about a minute long), with any upcoming important information or events! If you aren’t already signed up to receive Monday Minutes, we highly encourage you to do so. To sign up for Monday Minutes, click here. We also post these videos to our Business Facebook Page and our Parents and Students of The Academy Page.


Q. How do I register and when is the deadline?

A. We offer registration all year long! To fill out a registration form, please click here.


Q. How do I pay tuition?

A. You can pay tuition through your Parent Portal account online, or drop off cash/check to the studio! Tuition is billed and due on the 1st of the month. To avoid a late fee, you will want to pay your balance by the 11th.

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