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a Minute at the Academy | Holiday Inn

Hey, guys.

It's Ashley here at the Academy.

We hope you had an awesome

Thanksgiving break

and you had a lot of fun

with family and friends

and that you...partook

in some of our Black Friday specials.

How fun was that?

So we want to tell you

about an exciting event

this weekend

to kick off the holiday season.

So Union County Sensations is putting on

their performance of Holiday Inn,

the classic Christmas

musical at Vets Memorial Auditorium

this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

And we are so blessed to have lots

of our dancers participating in that.

So we would love for you to come enjoy

that show, kick off the holiday season,

get in the Christmas spirit and enjoy

just really fantastic entertainment.

The shows are Friday, Saturday at seven.

Sunday at three.

There's more information on the link

that is included in this email or a video.

Wherever you're watching it,

we hope you come and celebrate with us.

Let's have a great week dancing.

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